"Absolutely life changing"

“Absolutely life changing. If you have an addict in your life and you want more peace and unconditional love Judy Voruz is the go to!”

“Judy has helped me access an honest relationship with my family member who has destructive addiction habits. The work I did with her exposed my habitual responses to him. With this awareness, my responses changed and came from a deeper source. I have had access to that source in many other circumstances, but this one, being so personal, so close to my heart was still triggering sibling and cultural dynamics that were difficult to expose. The combination of her spiritual maturity and specific experience with drug addiction was essential. I needed both to help me. It is now three years since our work together, and my relationship with my family member is enjoyable. Not always, but often, which is a blessing beyond measure. ”

“Persevere! Judy will get you there. Amazingly, somehow, without ever finding fault with me, Judy delivers me to the gates of heaven every time we meet – and it is through her ability to accept me wherever I am that she draws out of me my knowing of ‘The Way’!”

“True laughter and connection have been my rich experience with Judy, making it easier for me to recognize the old habits that deny me that connection. So Thanks, Judy for such real live intimacy and truth experiences; all online via video chatting! You’ve allowed me to grow and witnessed me move from inner turmoil to freedom! And all this has changed and helped my relationships evolve for the better.”

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