Real Change Mentoring

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Real Change is POSSIBLE! You CAN radically change how you experience life.

Are you at the mercy of depression or anxiety?  Feel caught in an unwanted habit? 

In a relationship that frays your last nerve?  Lack motivation or just feel stuck? 

Bring an open and curious mind and the rest will take care of itself.

We show you how your mind works. When thoughts and feelings are experienced as meaningful or personal you can feel anxious and caught in a swirl of emotion and suffering. When you realize you don’t have to be afraid of your feelings you naturally experience the wisdom that is always available to you.

Results you can expect:

  • Real changes in thought patterns and behaviors
  • Effective ways to support change in yourself.
  • Decreased feelings of fear, confusion and hopelessness.
  • Increased periods of clarity, understanding, and inspiration.
  • Spontaneous enjoyment
  • More fulfilling relationships


Your Next Step:

Schedule a free “Ready for Change” session. Give yourself a powerful experience the kind of change you can expect. Get great results with an individualized coaching package just for you.  

Meet with us online via Zoom video conferencing or in person at our office in Ashland, Oregon.

What our clients have to say:   “Their impact…is nothing short of INCREDIBLE!”

“We have been working with Joy and Judy for six weeks. Their impact on the happiness and peace we feel daily is nothing short of INCREDIBLE! The second we met them we felt at ease and safe. They are funny, nurturing, insightful and intuitive. We came with what we thought was a problem to be wrestled down and obliterated, and realized that we don’t actually have a problem after all.” — C&C, Ashland, OR

“Working with Judy and Joy has profoundly contributed to my continued personal development and overall happiness. Their practical approach to working with human conditions is done with the highest degree of respect and compassion for individual suffering. Through an empowering message about our innate abilities, they inspire curiosity, deep understanding and self-acceptance.” — Darcy, Medford, OR


Real Change Mentoring Packages: 

Get the most impact in the shortest amount of time:

Enroll in our “6-Week Life Makeover” Program

6-Week Packages starting at $900. Let’s discuss the package that best supports the changes you want to make.

Our fees are private pay only. We accept major credit cards and payment plans can be provided.

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