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Wise Caring

Does your loved one have an addiction? Are you beside yourself with worry, fear, a sense of helpless or hopelessness?  It doesn’t have to be that way!  You can feel peaceful, safe and secure. 

Our clients experience a totally different relationship with their loved one and their addiction. You can too. Feelings of confusion, and desperation turn into compassion and understanding. 

Enroll in our6-Week Life Makeover” Program

Our guidance is simple, practical and creates real change for our clients.  

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Real Change Mentoring

Do you have a challenging significant relationship? Are you tired of struggling with stress, self doubt, anxiety, loneliness, or an unwanted habit like overeating, drinking or too much internet?

Have you tried to find relief but nothing has helped long-term?

Enroll in our6-Week Life Makeover” Program

Our simple and practical approach has transformed our clients lives. It can transform yours too.

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“Absolutely life changing. If you have an addict in your life and you want more peace and unconditional love Wise Caring is your go to!” — T.R.

"Judy & Joy have helped me see that I am not broken, and change is truly possible in my life." — D.M.