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Grief & Loss are Inevitable, Suffering is Optional


Joy ElohimI’m Joy. I guide people who are grieving through the roller coaster of thoughts and feelings following a significant personal loss . 

Grief is the price of love. It is the natural expression of sadness for the loss of someone or something you love. If you didn’t love deeply, you wouldn’t grieve deeply. 

Grief and suffering are not the same, they do not go hand-in-hand. You suffer when you resist feeling the ache and tenderness of your loss and get caught up in persistent painful should’ve, could’ve, would’ve loops of thought.

I combine professional training and my own experiences with death and loss, including the suicide of a spouse and the death of my parents, to guide and support you in this journey of self-discovery.  

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Changeable Podcast EP 151: A Fine Line Between Grief and Joy with Joy Elohim

by Dr. Amy Johnson

TestimonialsLotus Flower

“I must thank you again for your help. Valentine’s weekend was sad, and I had a good cry, but because of you I know it wasn’t a “setback” just part of the circle of healing. I think about many things you said which have helped. Not just once but over and over. You are a great guide and counselor.” — Linda L., Utah

“Joy is one of the most empathetic and real people I know. She’s totally supportive and her insights are kind and to the point. She was happy to support my journey and encourage my process. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat!” — Diane Rosenblum, California

“Joy is very easy to talk to, she is non-judgmental and has a certain calm and clarity. I learned a lot from her insights and wisdom.” — Vicki C., Oregon

“Working with Joy has profoundly contributed to my continued personal development and overall happiness. Her approach to working with human conditions is done with the highest degree of respect and compassion for individual suffering. Through an empowering message about our innate abilities, she inspires curiosity, deep understanding and self-acceptance.” — Darcy, Medford, OR

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